“The facts speak for themselves,” at least that’s what we’re told.   But, is it really true?  Somebody else is always speaking for the facts.   Distorting the facts.  Spinning the facts.  Adding their unique  interpretation to the facts.  The facts never get to speak for themselves.

Everybody it seems, has an axe to grind.  Christians have the mind of Christ, but it’s sad to say their track record in this regard is not too much better than the unbelievers.   In their zeal for exposing the revisionists, Christians have created their own peculiar form of revisionism.  This is particularly the case when it comes to American history.

Our purpose here is to unwind the spin, to expose the hidden agendas, to lay bare the presuppositions — of Christians and non-Christians alike.  History MythBusters is commited to busting the myths wherever they may be lurking.

But  then what?  Who’s to say that our interpretation is any better than the other guy’s.   The only analysis of history that can be trusted is analysis in light of the Word of God.  It also  helps to get as close to the original source as possible.

Only then can we apply the lessons of history with confidence to the stream of current events unfolding before our eyes.  That’s the goal to which this BLOG is dedicated.

Dennis Oliver Woods


POB 497

Clackamas, OR 97015


PS:  If this is your very first visit, pick a category that strikes your fancy and enter the discussion.  Spirited debate is encouraged, but keep it civil.  Before you post ask, would I say that to this person if we were eyeball to eyeball?

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