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Hello world!

Posted: July 15, 2012 in BLOG Introduction
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Welcome to   If this is your very first visit, pick a category that strikes your fancy and enter the discussion.  Spirited debate is encouraged, but keep it civil.  Before you post ask, would I say that to this person if we were eyeball to eyeball?

I’m an Iowa native transplanted to Oregon after majoring in Journalism at Iowa State. I studied education at Oregon State and got into political polling about 1980. I’ve conducted somewhere around 1,000 political research studies in Oregon over the years. It gets a little tedious (boring) after a while.

Trying to figure out what makes politicians tick, I started digging into Bible law and history. One thing soon became obvious: the pollsters are only scratching the surface. Popular opinion and real history don’t always line up. You’ve got to put on your Sherlock Holmes hat to discover the real skinny and that’s the whole idea behind

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Dennis Oliver Woods

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