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An impressive voter packet mobilizing opposition to Barack Obama recently arrived in the mailbox of Christian Conservatives nationwide.

Sent out by Faith & Freedom Coalition – the new face of the old Christian Coalition – it pitted “Obama vs The Constitution” in a bid “to restore constitutional government to America.”

The eight-page letter said nothing about national repentance to God or a return to the law of God, but had much to say about a return to the U. S. Constitution.  For example, the goal of the “November 6th Project” is to prove “that restoring Constitutional government is both a winning political strategy and America’s only real hope for survival as ‘the land of the free.'”

Notice that “our only real hope for survival” is “restoring Constitutional government“, but nothing is said about restoring America’s broken covenant with God and His law.  The solution to our dilemma is framed in exclusively political rather than spiritual terms.  The goal is presented in terms of American freedom, not God’s glory and offended justice.

The letter portrays Christian conservatives as innocent victims, not as co-belligerents  with liberals against the authority of the law of God.  When Daniel prayed for restoration of the nation he started with an acknowledgment that “we have sinned…even turning aside from Thy commandments and ordinances…therefore the Lord has kept the calamity in store….” (Dan. 9:5,14).  He didn’t distinguish between the “good guys” and the “bad guys” in the nation because there really were no “good guys.”

The letter said nothing about Christian conservative neglect of God’s ordinances (Ex. 21-23), but had a lot to say about President Obama’s offenses against the Constitution and the American people.  “Barack Obama’s hostility toward America’s Constitution is just as intense as his hostility to Christianity.  And he’s open about it.  He has called our Constitution ‘deeply flawed.’  So Obama has made it clear that he REJECTS  the Constitution and really doesn’t care what the law is.” 

According to Faith & Freedom the choice before the voters in 2012 should be this:

 “Do you stand with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James      Madison,  America’s Founding Fathers, and the U.S. Constitution?

 Or do you stand with Obama, who does not believe in liberty, and who has no respect for our constitution?”

Myth:  A return to the United States Constitution is equivalent to a return to the law of God

To assist our investigation of this myth, History MythBusters turned to a new book by Pastor Ted Weiland, entitled, “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution.”  Many theologians have pointed out various Biblical inconsistencies in the U. S. Constitution.   But to our knowledge, this book is the first attempt to analyze the Constitution paragraph-by- paragraph according to the Bible.  Our research found the U. S. Constitution to be Biblically deficient on almost every point of law.  Here are a few examples.

  • The Constitution derives its governing authority from “we the people,” whereas the Bible says all governing authority is derived from God (Rmn 12:1).
  •  The Constitution requires that runaway slaves be returned to their masters, whereas the Bible forbids returning runaway slaves to their masters (Dt. 23:15).
  •  The Constitution allows for unlimited offensive war, whereas the Bible prohibits offensive warfare (Dt. 17:16; II Chr. 35:21-24).
  • The Constitution outlaws Biblical character requirements for public office” (Art. VI), whereas the Bible requires such qualifications (Dt. 1:13, Ex 18:21)
  • The Constitution allowed slave trading for 20 years, whereas the Bible requires the death penalty for kidnapping.
  •  The Constitution states all manmade laws and treaties are the “supreme law of the land (Art. VI),” whereas the Bible insists its law is supreme.  (I Tim. 1:8-11)
  • The Constitution protects public worship of false gods (1st Am), whereas the Bible forbids the public worship of false gods (Ex. 20:3)
  • The Constitution requires a census every ten years, whereas the Bible forbids the census (II Kgs 20:12,13; 24:1-4)
  • The Constitution has no limit on taxation above the 10% which the Bible calls slavery (I Samuel 8)

Case Closed:  Remarkably almost every paragraph of the United States Constitution was found to be in violation of the law of God.  MythBusters counted at least 75 violations of the Bible in the U.S. Constitution.  Thus, those who claim that the Constitution is a Christian document are either ignorant of the Constitution , ignorant of the Bible, or both.

It was ratification of the U. S.  Constitution in 1788 that provoked the wrath of God against America.  That wrath long restrained in mercy is now being unleashed.  To call for a return to the very document that caused the offense is the height of folly and can only aggravate the wound.

And so the assumption that a return to the “original intent” of the United States Constitution is equivalent to returning to the law of God is a myth.  MythBusters Rating:  Red Flag to Faith & Freedom Coalition for perpetuating this dangerous myth.  Christians should analyze the writings and pronouncements of this group with great caution.

It was the esteemed George Washington who cautioned against entangling alliances in his Farewell Address to the nation in 1796.

It is therefore ironic to see 21st Century conservatives, those who claim greatest kinship with Washington, typically voicing the strongest approval of America’s unending overseas military exploits.  The father of our country is often quoted, but seldom emulated when it comes to a position of neutrality in foreign affairs.

This issue surfaced recently in Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate on the Republican ticket.  This was presumably to energize his campaign by appealing to TeaParty conservatives.  What exactly was it in Paul Ryan’s record that would presumably appeal to Christian conservatives?

Joel McDurmon laid it out clearly in a recent article about Paul Ryan on the American Vision News site.  Ryan is all for preserving and expanding the American empire and will make the office of Vice President once again “a nest of neocons.”

MYTH:  America has a long record of going to war only when necessary to preserve freedom for herself or an ally.

Curiously it is Christians who are  particularly vulnerable to this myth.  The tide of patriotism runs high in many Christian homes.  Christian families have no qualms about their sons serving in the U. S. Marine Corp in particular, indeed are usually bursting with pride to tell of it.

Occasionally the term “just war” is thrown out as a standard, against which to evaluate a military operation.  What is a just war?  If we knew the answer to that question, we would be in better position to evaluate America’s foreign policy.   Such a war is fought according to Biblical principles of warfare.

1)      First and foremost a just war is defensive in nature.  Multiplying horses (offensive weapons) was among the three things that God forbade the Israelite kings to do (Dt. 17:16).  A MythBuster’s investigation concluded that America’s track record is less than exemplary.  For example…..

  • Civil War:  Lincoln refused to meet with a southern peace delegation and goaded the south into firing the first shot at  Fort Sumter which gave him a pretext to invade the South.  Lincoln was frustrated by the South constantly complaining about import taxes, ironically collected at Ft. Sumter.
  • Spanish American War:  A mysterious bomb explosion in the battleship Maine was all the pretext Teddy Roosevelt needed to liberate the Cubans from the barbaric Spaniards.  Barbaric at least by Hearst yellow-journalism standards.  Meantime, Admiral Dewey “liberated” Philippines from the Spanish in the Battle of Manila Bay.  U.S. ground forces subsequently made them an American protectorate, in spite of Filipino preference for not being  protected.
  • WWI:  In spite of German warnings, American shipping plies waters in sub-infested war zone.  Sinking of Luisitania gives Wilson all the pretext he needs to enter the war and lead the drive for one-world government during peace negotiations afterward
  • WWII:  FDR goads Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor giving him all the pretext he needs to enter the war and lead the drive for one-world government during the peace negotiations afterward.
  • 9-11:  Twin Towers of World Trade Center in NYC are brought down allegedly by two jetliners.  The government’s official version of events has so many holes it would sink in a bathtub.  Subsequent security measures prep American population for police state tactics at airports, etc.

2)      A just war is non-interventionist.  Josiah was one of Israel’s best kings, but his life was sadly cut short by an act of foreign military adventurism.  Josiah intervened in a quarrel that was not his own and paid with his life (II Chr 35:20-25).   Thus, the Bush Doctrine of Preemptive Force does not pass Biblical muster.

3)      A just war could involve temporary alliances even with non-Christian nations to counter an act of aggression.  Abraham teamed up temporarily with pagan kings to rescue his people, but refused a permanent alliance (Gen. 14).

4)      A just war is not waged against civilian non-combatants (Dt. 20:14).  Sherman’s march of pillage from Atlanta to the sea under the direction of Abraham Lincoln was an easily avoided atrocity.  His objective was to destroy southern culture.

5)      A just war does not involve wanton destruction of life and property.  Allied bombing of civilians at Dresden and Hiroshima/Nagasaki during WWII were barbaric and unnecessary.  God commanded his people not to cut down the  fruit  trees when they laid siege to a city (Dt. 20:19,20).

6)      A just war is prefaced by an offer of peace (Dt. 20-10-15).  When Judah laid siege to a city they were to offer terms of peace.  Lincoln spurned such an offer and baited the South to fire the first shot at Ft Sumter.

7)      A just war is not fought to control by force a geographical/cultural entity that desires independence.  Lincoln’s waging war against the South, who had peacefully seceded was unbiblical.  When Israel seceded from Judah, God told Rehoboam to let them go (I Kg. 12:24).

8)      A just war against a tyrant must be led by a duly ordained lesser magistrate, not a revolutionary mob.  We see many examples of this in the book of Judges.

Case Closed:   MythBusters concludes that the majority of America’s foreign wars – past and present — are in violation of most of these principles.  A large offensive  force of almost 1,000 military bases is currently maintained overseas and U.S. forces are frequently employed to enforce globalist objectives on subject nations.  “American leadership” is a euphemism for domination.

Christians should refrain from voluntary participation lest they be found guilty of partaking in the sins of the nation.  They should appeal to local magistrates for relief as outlined in the Apolitical Pastor series in the July Archives.

It is heartening recently to see some Christian leaders placing themselves in a position of interposition between the people and their evil rulers.

In one example of interposition, Newsmax recently reported that “the Rev. Billy Graham has thrown his support behind embattled Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy and announced plans to stop by the fast food restaurant next Wednesday as part of Mike Huckabee’s “Eat Mor Chikin” promotion.”

In like manner, “Dr. James Dobson is taking a defiant stand on Obamacare and issuing a loud and clear message to President Obama: ‘I WILL NOT pay the surcharge for abortion services. … So come and get me if you must, Mr. President. I will not bow before your wicked regulation.’”

These are encouraging signs and a departure from the prevailing head-in-the-sand mentality that has characterized most evangelical church leadership for much of the past 100 years.

MYTH:  Christian leaders are obligated to obey every edict of the civil magistrate without resistance of any kind, in accordance with Rom. 13:1.

It is the responsibility of church leadership to inform the civil magistrate when his law does not conform to God’s law.  It may also be the responsibility of church leadership to disobey such a law because the church is a separate legal jurisdiction.  The great failing of church leadership in America today is its refusal to proclaim the law of the King of kings to the civil magistrate.

For John the Baptist, announcing Christ’s authority to Rome was as much a part of “preparing the way for the Lord” as was his ministry of baptism (Ps 2:10-12).  Baptism was John’s “priestly” preparation, but he was also announcing to Rome that a new King had arrived and Rome must obey His law:   Mt. 14:4,5 – “For John had been saying to him (Herod), ‘It is not lawful for you to have her.”  That was the kingly preparation.

This would make proclaiming God’s law to local magistrates as much a part of the job description of church leadership, as baptizing new converts.  This kind of interposition is not an option.  That’s the reason early Christians were sent to the lions: they boldly proclaimed, “there is another king, Jesus and His law is supreme.” Rome could care less how much they baptized.

The Failure of Modern Church Leadership

Our civil leadership today at every level is guilty as Rome in defying the law of God.  How does American church leadership respond to this?  From what I’ve seen across the board, it’s pretty much apathy — none of our concern.  Is not that very apathy and rejecting the duty of interposition that has led to our current desperate plight?

The most energetic response the contemporary church can muster at this time of crisis seems to be scheduling the next church picnic or rock concert.  But, throughout the Bible we see church leaders standing before kings and taking the initiative to instruct civil leaders in the law of God.  We may protest that we have no time, but John the Baptist was probably short on time also.

If we don’t start taking God’s law seriously in the matter of interposition how can we avoid His displeasure or judgment of even our worship, just as He smote Uzza in the midst of a very charismatic worship service (I Chr 13:9,10).  “He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be an abomination” (Pr. 28:9).

One pastor indicated to me that has denomination had made several overtures to the Obama Administration a while back.  There was no response and therefore that fulfills the church’s responsibility.  That was a good start toward interposition, but refusal of the evil “king” to respond to this and many other appeals leads necessarily to the 2nd Biblical step.  That is appeal to the local or lesser magistrate to fulfill his oath-bound duty to position himself between the people and the evil king.  That is the Biblical answer to tyranny, seen many times in the book of Judges (e.g. 3:9; 4:2,3; 6: 6-12).

Failure to do this leaves the congregation and the community exposed to the wrath of God, as was the case with David’s census.  Almost every day we see outrageous assaults on our freedom.  These are doubtless orchestrated gradually by God in mercy to wake us up.

America is under the authority of a man who 1) defies the law of God in the most audacious manner and 2) is intent on using his executive power to enslave the people.  We have economic insanity, strip searches in airports, the government encouraging people to spy on each other in 4,000 WalMart stores, the FCC taking initial steps to neutralize the internet, and much more.

This is all right out of the “1984” playbook.  Or more specifically the “Rules for Radicals” playbook for Communist takeover as taught by Mr. Obama in Chicago.  This is a direct result of an isolationist church that refuses to represent the Kingship of Christ to the civil magistrate.  It is in danger of being thrown out and trodden under foot by men.

The Biblical Doctrine of Local Interposition

The doctrine of interposition is seen throughout the book of Judges and summarized by Calvin in Chapter XX, par. 31, pp. 1518-1519 as follows:

“For if there are now any magistrates of the people, appointed to restrain the willfulness of kings…I am so far from forbidding them to withstand, in accordance with their duty, the fierce licentiousness of kings, that, if they wink at kings who violently fall upon and assault the lowly common folk, I declare that their dissimulation involves nefarious perfidy, because they dishonestly betray the freedom of the people, of which they have been appointed protectors by God’s ordinance.”

Calvin here denounces failure of leaders to interposition at the local level in the strongest terms.  He is calling for the “magistrates of the people” to refuse obedience to the lawless king and not to “wink” at him as the Nazis blindly followed the orders of Hitler.

Mr. Obama has been advised by the godfather (Soros) to ignore Congress and the courts and impose his will via the agencies.  They are testing our tolerance for tyranny a step at a time.  Would our Puritan forefathers have tolerated this?  Would Patrick Henry or George Washington have tolerated this?  Would John Knox or John the Baptist have tolerated this?

The current strategy of many churches is to raise up future generations who will eventually deal decisively with these problems.  It seems to me we are passing the buck to our grandchildren or great-grandchildren to perform the work of reformation that is staring us in the face.  If we do not take the necessary Biblical action of interposition in the present I think it is more likely that our great granchildren — if any survive — will look back and curse this generation for its passive response to the clear and present danger.

Case Closed:  It is the duty of the lower magistrate, supported by the clergy, to lead the people against a tyrant who refuses to obey the law of God.  How can we expect anything but judgment from God if we refuse this duty?  Like Jonah who fled from Ninevah at first, maybe God will spare us if we turn and carry his law into the heart of our city and warn the rebellious officials.