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 We admire Judge Roy Moore – his courage, his tenacity, and his commitment to God — and wish him well in his campaign for Supreme Court Justice in the state of Alabama.

However, MythBusters would be remiss if we did not investigate the apparently faulty premises on which Judge Roy Moore bases his campaign as well as his judicial theory.

MYTH:   Promoting the form of government found in the United States Constitution is synonymous with promoting the form of government laid out in the Bible.

Our initial impression was that nothing can be further from the truth.  This myth has left Christians mired in confusion and political impotence for over 200 years.

We found a number of statements in a recent fundraising letter for the Roy Moore campaign put out by World Net Daily that illustrate the problem.   First is the assertion that….

We need a God-fearing Chief Justice who will uphold the Constitution of The United States and who will stand for what made our Christian Nation great!  We are watching judges ignore and dismantle the greatest constitution in world history.

Herein lies the great contradiction.  We noted the logical conflict between being both a “God-fearing Chief Justice” and at the same time trying to “uphold the Constitution of the United States.”  That is because the Constitution of the United States contradicts the Bible on virtually every major point.

A  recent book by Pastor Ted Weiland proves that accusation beyond a shadow of a doubt:  Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution.  Pastor Weiland has identified at least 75 points on which the U S Constitution directly contradicts the Bible.

Included among the primary contradictions are the following.  The United States Constitution is opposed to a Biblical form of government because:

1)      its governing authority is derived from “we the people” rather than from God, per Rom. 13:1.  This complies with the definition of humanism:  Man in and of himself defining what is good and what is evil, with no reliance on God.

2)      It makes itself and all the man made laws that flow from it, “the supreme law of the land” instead of the Bible (Art VI, sec 1).  This alone would be enough to condemn the document.

3)      Exclusion of the religious test oath outlaws the Biblical requirement that government officials swear to make their judicial decisions based on the law of God. (Art. VI, sec. 3)

Turning to the Bible we observed that American government was constituted under the same circumstances and with the same outcome as the Israelite rebellion from God recorded in I Samuel Chapter 8.  Israel was a confederacy of loosely united tribes or states, as were the American colonies.  Israel wanted to be united under a grand king, who would ride in and out to make war, “like the nations.”  The American colonies wanted a similar centralized military coalition like the other great empires of the day.

In both cases they rejected God from being king over them.  In both cases the  results have been disastrous.

The letter goes on to make a further rather problematic claim.

“This great nation was founded on a belief in God and founded on Christian Principles.  I pledge to fight for the rights and freedoms given to us by God and guaranteed under the greatest constitution of government ever devised by man.

What Christian principles we asked?  The conflict is largely symbolic.  Shall Judge Moore’s monument be allowed on display in the state Supreme Court Building.  As a “lower magistrate” Judge Roy Moore is commended  for  opposing the tyranny of a corrupt king or “higher magistrate.” Symbols are important, but the real issue is whether or not the law of God shall form the basis of the legal system in the state and nation.

That goes beyond even the Ten Commandments.  God requires that not only the commandments, but His statutes and ordinances be enforced in the courts of law (Neh 10:29).  These are the specifics of the law and its penalties.

“And the statutes and the ordinances and the law and the commandment, which He wrote for you, you shall observe to do forever; and you shall not fear other gods.”

The Ten Commandments are recorded in Exodus 20.  The statutes and ordinances follow immediately in Exodus 21-23.  These are treated as a unit (Ex. 24:7) and aside from ceremonial changes, there is no basis for keeping one and rejecting the other.  God’s standard of justice does not change from age to age.  It boils down to whether we will fear God and His law or the law of some other god.

Is Judge Moore as committed to the statutes and ordinances as he is to the Ten Commandments?  This is uncertain and calls for further investigation.

Case Closed:  Where is all this taking us?  Judge Moore cannot cling to the United States Constitution and at the same time claim allegiance to the law of God.  In an interview earlier this year, Judge Roy Moore said that the trend toward secular government will lead to Sharia law in the United States.

The article notes that “The man who is likely to be Alabama’s next chief justice is warning that secular government will lead to Islamic law in the United States.  In an interview with conservative talk show host Steve Deace last week, Roy Moore opined that “a government that is denying God was also allowing Sharia law to take hold.”

It is a supreme irony that the man who issues this warning can in the same breath defend the document that is the heart and soul of American  secular government.