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Speculation about the end of the world leaves the church vulnerable to Satanic deception.   According to Sun Tzu “all warfare is based on deception” (The Art of Warfare).

Thus, one of the most effective techniques of psychological warfare is to convince the enemy that he is defeated, too weak, and that resistance is futile.   The church in America has fallen victim to precisely this strategy of deception related to the end of the world.

MYTH:  The church is too weak to subdue American culture under the Kingship of Christ and must inevitably yield to the anti-Christ before the end of the world.

This myth has left the church impotent and immobilized.  The millions of dollars wasted on books of prophetic speculation have diverted substantial resources from Kingdom advancement.  Speculative prophecy is big business.  Probably more damaging have been the countless lives sidetracked from productive kingdom labor by the sense of futility conveyed in these books about the end of the world.

The most effective historical deception of the past few centuries has been the Devil’s success in convincing the church that defeat in history is inevitable.  As the judgment of God unfolds on America as the necessary consequence of her rebellion, prophecy pundits shift into high gear.

Here’s the latest being promoted by news giant, World Net Daily :

            An author investigating ancient prophecies is again sounding the alarm about numerous  predictions suggesting 2012 could be the beginning of the “end of the age” spoken of in the Holy Bible.

            Last year, WND reported on Tom Horn’s efforts to let everyone to know calendars besides the ancient Mayan one predict the demise of human civilization   in 2012, and he claims a demonic plot bringing about the end date could be   hiding in plain sight inside the U.S. Capitol.

This is but one example among hundreds that could be cited. In light of the fact that the Bible tells us that Satan is a defeated and disarmed foe, his success at convincing the church otherwise has been remarkable indeed.

Biblical Histriography of the Second Psalm

The most effective antidote to this defeatist perspective is the Biblical historiography of Psalm 2.  Psalm 1 lays out the progress of the gospel in the life of the individual and Psalm 2 lays it out in terms of the life of nations.

Histriography has to do with our interpretation of history.  What interpretative grid do we employ to give meaning to the raw historical data concerning the end of the world.  For at least two centuries the church has clung to a pessimistic perspective in contrast to the Bible’s forecast of decisive victory over the forces of evil.  The church has forgotten the historiography of the Second Psalm.

Psalm Two opens with a question, “Why do the nations conspire and the people’s plot in vain against the Lord and against his anointed?”  (Psalm 2:1,2).  The next verse says that God laughs at them, but from the standpoint of man the conspiracies of Satan and his minions appear invincible.

The internet is rife with videos related to this and there is no denying the reality of their existence.  Although it is sometimes difficult to separate fact from fiction there are enough testimonies of Christians converted out of the mystery religions to know that a powerful cabalistic and occult movement does exist at the highest levels and is transnational in scope.

The Biblical Response To Satanic Conspiracy

This has been documented in the research of Chris Pinto, Dr. Stanley Monteith and by personal testimony of converts such as Svali and others.  There are three responses to this reality, two of which are unbiblical:

1)      Deny their existence.  This is a head in the sand approach.

2)      Dread their existence.  This is the hide in the foxhole approach.

3)      Deny their ultimate power, while acknowledging their existence.

The latter is the only legitimate response in light of the Biblical testimony in Psalm Two and elsewhere.  Psalm Two goes on to say that God has given all the kingdoms of the world to His Son and that all the kings of the earth will submit to Him (“kiss his feet”) before the end of the Church age.

Key History Mythbusters Findings:  Stick with the following interpretative principles to avoid being victimized by prophetic sensationalism.  These speculative interpretations discredit the Bible and divert Christians from the task of discipling the nations .

  • Poetic language is to be taken figuratively, not literally.  Only a naive school child (or a dispensationalist) would try to interpret poetry literally.  Peter said that the “the sun … turned to darkness and the moon into blood” on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:16,20).   A few days later he applied the Psalm Two conspiracy and submission of the nations to the  crucifixion of Christ and Church Age, not to the end of the world (Acts 4:25-27).
  • Note that the Revelation was a letter to a first century church so the symbolism had to make sense to them.  Thus, if they were told to calculate the number the Beast as 666, the Beast had to be somebody living in the first century.  How could they calculate the number of somebody living 2,000+ years in the future at the end of the world?  To argue a still future fulfillment is to depart from a literal interpretation.
  • Note that the time indicators in the book of Revelation and other New Testament prophesies all indicate the great tribulation was “near” and “soon” (for the first century readers).  Daniel was told to seal up the vision, John was told to unseal it.

Stick with proven commentaries by men such as Gary DeMar, Marcellus Kik, and Ken Gentry to avoid being fooled by sensationalism in the fictional works of self-proclaimed “prophecy experts” Hal Lindsay, Dave Hunt, Tim LaHaye and many others.

Case Closed:  The Mayan 2012 end of the world prophesy directly contradicts the Biblical prophesy of the victory of Christ and His church in the current “Church Age” as clearly outlined in the second Psalm.  We’ll put our money on the Bible over the Mayan Calendar.

Evil may appear invincible for a season, but that is only because the church is temporarily distracted by childish, speculative prophecy.  This results from non-literal reading of Scripture that insists on applying already fulfilled prophetic passages to the end of the world.  When the church finally discards this foolishness, she can move on to complete the task of subduing the nations as required by her Lord in the Great Commission.